About us

As a company so focused on our clients’ success, we hire only the most professional, dynamic and passionate people. Each member of our staff brings something unique and valuable to the table. What we have in common is our commitment to each other, our clients and curiosity, because curiosity is what keeps our noses down and ears open.

Evolve’s team brings over 40 years of combined marketing research experience to the table. Each team member touches every project, ensuring that no stone is left unturned. Given that all of our research has a marketing focus, our team is skilled in marketing and understands how to translate research findings into usable marketing insights. Everyone on the Evolve team is a member of the American Marketing Association. In fact, three members of our team are Past-Presidents of the Oklahoma City Chapter of the AMA, and one served three years on a national council for the AMA. Our AMA involvement allows us to stay on top of the latest trends and innovations in marketing. This means that the research strategies and insights we deliver to our clients utilize the latest and greatest marketing techniques.

Another unique characteristic of the Evolve team - we have a handle in everything. We believe in a fully-immersive research strategy. For example, your carefully curated data isn’t handed off to an analyst who is disconnected from study goals. We (Kevin, Stewart, Jennifer, and Brinkley) are involved from the beginning to the end - from learning of your goals to providing final conclusions and recommendations. Industry experts will be working on all phases of your projects.

Kevin Jessop

Kevin's focus is on devising and recommending research strategies and solutions that work. He loves sitting down with clients and learning about their marketing challenges. But the one thing he loves even more is figuring out how his clients can overcome those challenges through smart research.
Kevin is a research veteran (not that we’re implying he’s old or anything) having worked in the marketing research industry his entire professional career. His passions are brand and advertising research, social behavior change, and he has a penchant for website usability and user experience research. He loves pushing industry boundaries and is forever using technology to make research better. Kevin is truly dedicated to the craft - ask him about almost taking a bullet to ensure quality data collection. Seriously.
Kevin is a graduate of the University of Brunel in England and is a dedicated member of the American Marketing Association and is a Past-President for the Oklahoma City Chapter.
When he's not researching, you can find Kevin producing music in his spare time, hanging out with his dogs, and taking way too long to complete simple home DIY projects. He’s also fixated by outdoor grilling, contending he can grill anything.

Jennifer Shrewsbury

To describe Jennifer as a Senior Analyst and Project Manager doesn’t do her justice. Sure, she is the person who lives inside our project management software and makes sure we’re all doing what we should, but she’s also a qualitative interviewer, an analyst, a data visualizer, a graphic designer…You get the picture, she is an extremely flexible member of the team who is ready to dominate the next challenge at a drop of the proverbial hat. 

Jennifer joined the team in 2013 after deciding to pursue a career in marketing. She has a natural aptitude for research, which is why we hired her seven years ago. Not only is she extremely inquisitive, but the desire to find the “why” behind motivations and behaviors also burns in her brightly. Additionally, she is serving her 7th year on the local Oklahoma City Chapter board of the American Marketing Association as the Immediate Past President. In 2019 Jennifer received Oklahoma’s NextGen Under 30 Award for her dedication and service to her community, career, and industry. 

Jennifer holds a BBA in Marketing & Management from Oklahoma State University. She won’t hesitate to wear her bright OSU orange on any given day. Outside of Evolve, Jenn enjoys spending time with her husband and their two blue heelers, attending her weekly cycle classes, going to the lake (really, anything water-related), “DIYing”, volunteering, planning events, country two-steppin’, and a patio on a nice day. Fall is her new favorite season because she gets to celebrate her anniversary and watch football.  


Stewart’s quest is to make everyone happy, which is no small feat. He works with Evolve’s clients from start to finish, ensuring plans are carried out smoothly and accurately. He uses his abilities to manage several projects with quick-thinking creativity to make sure that happens. Stewart has a keen eye for detail, which is absolutely invaluable in this business, and can spot an incorrect detail – no matter how innocuous – from a mile away.
Stewart began his career in marketing research over 13-years ago as an Intern at Evolve, quickly became our Project Manager and now serves as our Research Manager. In his role at Evolve, he generates insights for clients surrounding their brand awareness and perception, customer experience, advertising campaigns and brand messaging. He is passionate about research and loves learning about innovative strategies to help Evolve’s clients take their research to the next level. Some of his many talents include analysis, reporting and website and mobile usability testing.
Stewart holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and an MBA from Oklahoma Christian University. He served on the local Oklahoma City Chapter board of the American Marketing Association for seven years and was President of the Chapter for the 2015-16 fiscal year. Following his local board stint, he served three years on the Professional Chapters Council for the AMA globally, where he was responsible for mentoring and advising the AMA’s 71 professional chapters across North America, as well as helping to drive the strategic direction of the organization.

Outside of Evolve, he loves spending time with his wife and his dog Peyton. He enjoys cooking new recipes in the kitchen with his wife, exploring the OKC craft beer scene, hanging out with friends, and cycling. Originally from New Orleans, he was a New Orleans Saints and LSU Tigers fan before it was cool. And yes, he spells it GEAUX.


Brinkley is the newest member of the Evolve team. Her involvement with research projects will evolve over time, but for now, she supports team members in project management and data visualization capacity. Brinkley has a natural aptitude for the technical elements of research and has impressed us with her programming abilities in Qualtrics, Q, and Alteryx.

Brinkley graduated from Oklahoma Christian University last year with a degree in Marketing Management Brinkley has a natural aptitude for the technical elements of research, and has impressed us with her programming abilities in Qualtrics, Q, and Alteryx.

Brinkley graduated from Oklahoma Christian University last year with a degree in Marketing Management