Scam Alert - Mr Matthew Hickerson



Well, it looks like someone is trying to prevent inniocent members of the public from having a happy new year.

Several people have contacted us after receiving an email from our research manager, Mr. Matthew Hickerson.  Well, he ain't our research manager.  We don't even know this guy.

The scam is a strange involving mystery shopping, special packages, an exchange of $300 - it's tricky to piece together.  Just know this isn't us, and we've filed a complaint with the FBI.  

If you get an email claiming to be from us (featuring the name Mr. Matthew Hickerson), the best thing you can do is file a quick compaint with the FBI's Internet Crime Division since you're the victim of the scam.

EDIT (1/9/17): Thanks to some very kind folks who have contacted us over the last few days we now have some more details.  This mystery shopping scam is asking you guys to evaluate a wire transfer service, like MoneyGram or something similar.  Checks for $1,600 are being sent out to potential mystery shoppers.  The idea being, you deposit the $1,600 check and then make a wire transfer of that amount (or maybe 300 bucks less - you can keep the $300!) to Mr. Matthew Hickerson (or Reuben Deshane from Reno, Nevada as he's now known).  But, that check you receive is never going to end up in your account.  It's going to bounce.  The scam relies on you sending on the money before you deposit the fake check.  The real-life insanity is if you really were assessing a wire-transfer service, there's no way we'd ask you to transfer such a significant sum of money.  $5 or $10 maybe, $1,600 - no way!

The reason you're being targetted is you may have participated in a survey a little while ago which asked for your contact details.  This survey may have appeared legit, but it was likely a way of getting the details of people who like to take surveys knowing they'd be more likely to respond to this scam.  UGH.


Before we sign off, here are a couple of examples of Mr. Matthew Hickerson's work:


How are you doing today? Survey Payment was scheduled to deliver to you Today/Tomorrow by USPS courier service. It contains a check which covers your allowance for your evaluation service worth $300 for this survey and funds for evaluations you will be conducting.




Acknowledge that you receive this email and your readiness to start survey.


Mr. Matthew Hickerson
Research Manager
Evolve Research, Inc.


You have been Accepted as one of our Survey Agent in your neighborhood, you will be given as survey date as soon as you confirm your status.
You will be evaluating some stores in your neighborhood as a customer and give us feedback on your overall experience by filling out an online survey form. You'll be paid within $300 for each survey and payment to cover all expenses for the survey will be delivered to you by this week.
You'll be required to fill out a survey form after the survey using the below pointers:
1) How long it took you to get services.
2) Ambiance/Outlook  of the Shop/Outlet
3) Customer service professionalism
4) Reaction of personnel under pressure
5) Information that you think would be helpful
6) Your comments and impressions.
Respond to this email on your acceptance to carry out the survey.
Thank you and hope to hear from you today.

Mr. Matthew Hickerson
Research Manager
Evolve Research, Inc.